Parents Need To Know


  1. We care about our players as athletes and individuals.

  2. Football is a tough, disciplined, emotional, and intense sport, and there are times when we must coach that way.

  3. We require your son's undivided attention when we are teaching him.

  4. Our job is to take care of the football program, therefore team always comes first.

  5. We have high expectations for your son, and we may require your child to be more disciplined than you do.

  6. Athletes earn playing time because they add value to our team, understand their role, and do their job better than someone else.

  7. Parents' influence or position makes no difference as to how we treat a player.

  8. Players who do not follow our off-season program are not given as much consideration at the start of the season when it comes to earning a starting position.

  9. If you feel the need to talk to a coach, schedule a meeting in advance.  Do not talk to a coach about an issue right after a game or after a practice.

What is appropriate to discuss with a coach?







How a player is being treated

Playing time


Play calling


Missing Practice

Coaching philosophy


Health and well-being

Other players

  1. We will talk to the player before we talk to the parent about an issue relating to him unless it is an urgent problem.

  2. The locker room, the training room, the weight room, and the sidelines are the players domain.  Please respect their space.

  3. We place a high value on loyalty to our program.



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